About Us

ERGOdynamics is a Eugene, Oregon based manufacturer of sophisticated ergonomic furniture and material handling equipment. We have a continuing commitment to product quality and quick turn around times. Our company was started in 1986.  In 1995 we evolved from a reseller to manufacturer.  That move was brought about because many ergonomic products available at the time were adequate but fell short in one way or another.  A strong desire to bring the best available technology to our customers was the catalyst that launched a new direction for this company. 

We began making simple improvements to existing products that solved specific challenges for our customers.  Soon it was obvious that designing and building the products we sold would insure the best possible results and customer satisfaction.  Every product we build today is the result finding solutions that made sense for real world challenges.  As time passed and more and more people began to look to us for ergonomic solutions the need for more and different products grew.  Some might say we build an eclectic mix of products that range from ergonomic seating and adjustable desks to material handling machines and production tables.  We are the first to agree!

Our first product released in 1995 was an ergonomic chair.  That first chair called Pro/Act was the result of 18 different prototypes.  Each one tested with real people in real world work environments.  After each test we asked for evaluations.  A part of the evaluation was a question as simple as would you buy this chair”.   The first trials resulted in nearly 80% of the respondents saying yes to that question.  In fact it was difficult to get any negative feed back.  We built and tested 17 more prototypes before we were satisfied that we had one of the best ergonomic chairs available.  Today that same model is made and is still one of our most successful products.

As time passed our clients began to ask if we offered more and different products that would help resolve ergonomic issues.  It’s hard to say no to customers who trust you and are looking for answers that you can provide.  So we began answering yes.  Eventually we were invited beyond the office and onto production floors, warehouses and shipping areas.  That brought about the need for more industrial ergonomic solutions.  Material handling was now a big part of our focus.  Each new material handling solution had a focus on ergonomics.  That made them unique.  Each design is not a result of form following function or function creating form but rather ergonomic solution engineering.