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Why is the ERGOup attached to the office chair instead of standing on it's own?

The leg support attaches to the chair for a few reasons. Most importantly the fixed position makes the support ergonomic and provides proper support. The support would otherwise tend to push away from your body allowing the knee to hyperextend or pull too close to the chair putting the back of the leg in contact with the support creating a poor and painful position of the knee. The attachment keeps the support in the properly adjusted position. It also allows you to easily sit in different positions and move the ERGOup in and out of position without chasing it down. It is easier to place your leg onto a support away from the desk and roll upto/under the desk, the attached feature makes this much easier. The ERGOup and chair can easily be moved from one workstation to another.

Why not just use a box or stack of books and pillow?

Many people suffer from conditions that require elevation of the lower extremities and many resort to proping them up on a stack of random materials, possibly topped with a bed or couch pillow. This may work as a temporary solution for foot or ankle issues. The problem is that the typical position from this type of support hyperextends the knee and may poorly position the hip. If you are looking for long term support of the foot or ankle, you may innadvertantly cause injury to the knee by not using an ergonomic support. If you suffer from a knee injury or condition you will find the ERGOup a good solution to getting back to work on your desk. Most importantly be sure to ask your doctor if the support you choose provides proper support, especially when long term support is required.

I need to sit in a semi reclined position. Can I use the ERGOup to do so?

YES. The 18" ERGOup is often used in conjuction with a high back office chair to create a reclining office chair. This is most often used to relieve back pain, but may also be used to simply reduce fatigue.

Can the ERGOup increase circulation in my feet?

YES. If your doctor has recomended you elevate your feet during the day to increase circulation related to diabetes, cardiac issues, clots, edema, vericose veins or other circulatory issue, the ERGOup can be used to do so while you are sitting at your desk or computer.

I need to elevate both my legs. Should I buy the 18" model?

YES. The 18" model was designed to be used mostly as a dual leg support, providing plenty of room to comfortably rest both legs on the same cushion.

I need an extra large model. Does it come any larger than 18"?

YES. We can custom make any size of ERGOup needed for your situation. We have made them ranging from 12" to 24". Give us a call for a quote.

Will it work with any office chair?

MAYBE. The ERGOup is designed to work on most standard office chairs. The attachment does require the top of the wheel base of the chair be no more than 8" from the floor.
The ERGOup will NOT work with
chairs like these:
The ERGOup WILL work with
chairs like these:

Do I need any tools to attach the ERGOup to the chair?

NO. The ERGOup easily attaches with no tools necessary. A velco strap simply wraps around the base stem of the chair.

I would like it to match my chair. Can I get custom fabric?

YES. We offer a number of fabric options or you can mail us your own fabric which we will use to make your ERGOup.

Do you make office chairs as well?

Yes we do, but most of our office chairs are make custom for indiviudal ergonomic issues. We would be happy to make you a specialized chair but for most people it is a better investment to buy locally or from a large chair company online.

How do I place an order?

You may call us or place your order online.

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