Elevating Leg Support for Office Seating

The ErgoUP Leg Support provides elevated leg, knee and foot support. It is a fully adjustable, office ottoman that attaches to your office chair. (Attaching to your chair is the key in providing true ergonomic support!)
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small office ottoman12" ErgoUP Leg Support MSRP: $349
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large office ottoman18" ErgoUP Leg Support MSRP: $369
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curve office ottomanCurve ErgoUP Leg Support MSRP: $399
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Leg Support On Chair
Leg support easily swings to one side
when not in use.

Available in a 12" X 12" and 12" X 18" wide model, which is recommended for supporting both legs at one time, while the standard 12" wide model is adequate for elevating one leg at a time. The leg support comes with black furniture fabric, vinyl, leatherette or genuine leather covering the padded foot rest. Other options available upon request. We are also offering Memory Foam as a padding option in both the 12" and 18" ErgoUP. The newest leg support design, the ERGOcurve, is now available for purchase. The ERGOcurve offers an extremely comfortable, bracing, single leg support for either leg. Ideal for knee or leg injury.

If you are a chiropracter, physical therapist, orthopedic surgeon, ergonomic consultant or ther related professional that would like printed materials to provide to your patients, please contact the ErgoUP manufacturer - be sure to tell the Leg Support Store sent you!

If you have any questions about this ergonomic leg support, please feel free to contact us for more info.

ErgoUP Leg Support

Leg support shown attached to office chair (chair not included)

The ErgoUp Office Leg Support offers relief from pain and discomfort in feet, legs and lower back. It can be attached to most standard office chairs, giving your current chair the flexibility to provide the ergonomic care you need for injury or stress in the legs and back. The leg support ottoman is easy to attach to your chair with included Velcro strap and can be moved to the side while not in use. The ergonomic ottoman style leg support can be used with one leg or both legs at the same time. ErgoUP Leg Rest has a cushioned top that adjusts to the height and length of your legs. The adjustments make the leg support work for all body sizes and shapes and are made with easy-to-grip knobs. The ERGOup Leg Supports are often purchased to return to work after foot, ankle, knee, hip or leg surgery or injury as well as other chronic conditions that require one or both legs to be elevated while sitting at a desk. Conditions include those that affect the joints, muscles, circulation and more.