Leg Support On Chair

ErgoUP 12" Elevating Leg Support Ottoman

12" ErgoUP Leg Rest MSRP: $349
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The 12" ErgoUP is most often used to elevate one leg at a time, although smaller framed persons may use it to elevate both legs at once. The cushion is made of 1.5" thick foam, covered by furniture fabric or antimicrobial vinyl (leather, leatherette and other speciality materials available).

The ErgoUP is used during recovery from injury or surgery or to relieve chronic pain related to foot, knee, hip & pack pain as well as circulation issues.

Leg Support On Chair Leg Support On Chair
18" ErgoUP
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The ErgoUP Leg Support provides elevated leg, knee and foot support. It is a fully adjustable, office ottoman that attaches to your office chair. (Attaching to your chair is the key in providing true ergonomic support!) Read the ErgoUP FAQs to find out whyErgoUP Leg Support.